1938 to 1969

1938 FURUNO ELECTRIC SHOKAI LTD. founded in Nagasaki, Japan.
1948 Commercialized the world's first practical fish finder.
Began manufacturing and selling fish finders.
1955 Established FURUNO ELECTRIC CO., LTD. by taking over operations from FURUNO ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES, LTD. (Capitalized at 8 million yen)
1958 Started selling overseas. (Argentina, Australia, China)
1959 Developed radar for vessels.
1961 Developed the world's first net sonde.
Capital increased to 120 million yen.
1964 Relocated headquarters from Nagasaki to Nishinomiya Factory in Hyogo pref.
1965 Developed the world's first net recorder.
1966 Entered into non-marine market.
1967 Developed full automatic sonar, facsimile receiver and direction finder.
Fish finder in the early years

Fish finder in the early years.


In 1950, FURUNO INDUSTRIES, LTD was established.

In 1965, Recording paper type fish finder, which is first export model for US market.

In 1965, Recording paper type fish finder, which is first export model for US market.

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1971 Developed the Omega receiver.
1972 Received NMEA's fiscal 1971 Best Product Award.
Developed Japan's first Deppler Sonar and Scanning Sonar.
1973 Developed autopilot system, satellite positioning equipment and simple radio telephone.
1974 Developed radio navigation system and full-circle scanning sonar.
Developed gyrocompass
Established FURUNO NORGE A/S in Norway.
1976 Developed ultra-compact radar and half-circle scanning sonar.
1978 Established FURUNO U.S.A., INC. in the U.S.
1979 Completed Miki Factory
Established FURUNO (UK) LTD. in the U.K.
In 1971, FURUNO won the Best Product Award in the fish finder category from NMEA.

In 1971, FURUNO won the Best Product Award in the fish finder category from NMEA.

In 1972, Japan's first doppler sonar was developed.

In 1972, Japan's first doppler sonar was developed.

furuno CI-20

In 1972, Japan's first current indicator, Model CI-20 was developed.

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1980 Developed the world's first current indicator, VideoPlotter and compact facsimile receiver.
1981 Developed scientific sounder.
1982 Listed on the Second Section of the Osaka Securities Exchange.
1983 Increased capital to 6,200 million yen.
1984 Moved to the First Section of the Osaka Securities Exchange.
Developed facsimile receiver and bottom mapping system.
Acquired management control of KYORITSU RADIO CO., LTD. and KYORITSU RADIO SERVICE CO., LTD.
1985 Developed marine radar, color net recorder, bottom sonar, ARPA.
1986 Developed the world's first bird radar.
Developed GPS navigation system.
1987 Developed fishery monitoring radar, automated bonito pole-and-line fishing system Developed the world's first video LORAN.
Established FURUNO DANMARK A/S in Denmark.
Established FURUNO SVERIGE AB in Sweden.
1989 Completed FURUNO INT Center.
furuno FD-150

In 1982, 150MHz direction finder, Model FD-150 was developed.

In 1986, World's first bird radar was developed.

In 1986, World's first bird radar was developed.

furuno Automated bonito pole-and-line fishing system was developed

In 1987, Automated bonito pole-and-line fishing system was developed.

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1990 Developed equipment for the research submersible SHINKAI 6500 system
Increased capital to 7,535 million yen
Launched Spirit of Furuno 21, a fishing boat-type testing vessel.
Established FURUNO FRANCE S.A. in France.
1991 Developed wireless marine horn, radar for fishery and digital mapping system.
1992 Developed kinematic GPS and GPS for aircraft.
Established FURUNO ESPANA, S.A. in Spain.
1993 Succeeded in commercializing teleterminal DGPS.
1994 Developed Golf Distance Meter and Integrated Navigation Display.
1995 Developed integrated bridge system, GPS time server.
1998 Developed radar plotter-fish finder combo.
1999 Developed new Terrain Remote Monitoring System.
furuno Integrated Bridge System(IBS)

In 1995, Integrated Bridge System(IBS) was developed.

furuno GP-1610CF

In 1997, Small color LCD GPS plotter, Model GP-1610CF was developed.

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2000 Developed satellite compass.
2001 Developed NavNet Series.
2002 Developed Automatic Identification System (AIS) and Voyage Data Recorder (VDR).
Developed Fully-automated Clinical Chemistry Analyzer.
Established FURUNO NAVINTRA OY (now FURUNO FINLAND OY) after acquiring.
Finnish company NAVINTRA
Began in-house production of pulse magnetron.
2003 Developed GPS-steered Time & Frequency Generator.
Began in-house sales of ETCs
Won a long-term supply contract for the NavNet series of network-compatible navigational equipment from the US Coast Guard.
Established FURUNO SOFTECH (DALIAN) CO., LTD. in Dalian, China.
2004 Developed the Tanken-Maru system, a fish finder for recreational fishing boats.
Established FURUNO POLSKA Sp. z o.o. in Poland.
Opened the FURUNO European Distribution Centre (FEDC) in the Netherlands.
2005 Developed the world's first dual-frequency searchlight sonar
Established FURUNO DEUTSCHLAND GmbH in Germany.
Established FURUNO EURUS LLC in Russian Federation.
Established the FURUNO INS Training Center (INSTC) in Denmark.
2006 Developed FCV-620, a fish finder with a 5.6-inch LCD for the recreational boat market.
Purchased a 49% stake in French company SIGNET S.A. and convertible bonds.
Established FURUNO EUROPE B.V. in The Netherlands.
Developed S-VDR (Simplified Voyage Data Recorder) VR-3000S.
Developed Ultra sensitive GPS receiver.
2007 Developed AIS (Automatic Identification System) receiver FA-30 for fishing vessels and recreational boats.
Established FURUNO SHANGHAI CO., LTD. in China.
2008 Developed multi function display NavNet3D series.
2009 Furuno acquired eRide Inc.
Established FURUNO HELLAS LTD. in Greeca.
Product launch of Ku-Band VSAT FV-100 and INMARSAT FleetBroadband FELCOM250/500.
Commencement of mobile satellite communications service for ocean-going fleets "SafeComNet".
furuno navnet

In 2001, NavNet series were developed.

furuno Fully-automated Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

In 2002, Fully-automated Clinical Chemistry Analyzer was developed for medical market.

furuno sonar

In 2005, World's first dual-frequency searchlight sonar was developed.

furuno fcv-620

In 2006, New design concept fish finder, Model FCV-620 was developed.

furuno Ultra sensitive GPS receiver.

In 2006, Ultra sensitive GPS receiver.

furuno NavNet3D

In 2008, Developed multi function display NavNet3D series

furuno Ku-Band VSAT FV-100

In 2009, Developed Ku-Band VSAT FV-100

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